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Mobile number portability (MNP)
iconMobile Number Portability

You can connect your permanent mobile phone number to Bakcell network without any changes. Your number remains the same, even the prefix (010, 050, 051, 070, 077) before the number. You will just benefit from the superior service and the fastest mobile network in the country.

iconAdvantages you receive
The fastest mobile network

Beneficial tariffs and internet
Contemporary and innovative solutions
Uninterrupted mobile connection and wide coverage
Connect to Bakcell step by step
Prepare documents requested by Bakcell representative, bring your active mobile number to any of Bakcell sales and service center.
Check the availability to port-in and fill in the application form.
During 3 working days of port-in process, you will be notified via SMS. 2 hours before the port-in, both SIM cards will be inactive.
During 3 working days of port-in process, you will be notified via SMS.
2 hours before the port-in, both SIM cards will be inactive.
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What does Mobile Number Portability (MNP) mean?

Mobile number portability means transition of mobile number belonging to subscriber from the network of the current mobile operator (provided that prefix* and number are retained) to the network of other mobile operator. 

* Means code before number. Example: 055, 099 (070, 077, 010, 050, 051)

What are the possibilities and advantages of MNP?

MNP service gives subscriber an opportunity to easily port the active number to Bakcell network without any changes and use more advantageous offers and services.

How to implement MNP?

Subscriber wishing to port his/her mobile number to Bakcell network shall apply to any dealer shop or Bakcell Customer Services Centre. To implement this process, subscriber needs to fill in the corresponding form and submit the below mentioned documents for the service implementation.

What documents are required for the implementation of MNP?

To implement the service it is required to submit the following documents:

1. Physical persons: ID card*

2. Legal entities: copies of state registration for legal entities and certificate on register by tax authorities.

* Along with ID card it is possible to present international passport, officer identification card, military card or driver’s license as a document confirming identity of presenter.


In the cases mentioned below physical persons shall submit the additional documents:

  • If there are any significant changes in a document confirming identity of presenter (for instance: name, surname), then it is necessary to present documents confirming the change of this information.

Example: Due to changes of the certain information made in document confirming identity of presenter after the conclusion of marriage, it is required to submit certificate of marriage.

  • If mobile number portability is implemented not by owner of a number, but by other representative, then the given representative shall necessarily submit power of attorney. Power of attorney must indicate the name of service.
What is the period for MNP implementation?

Mobile number portability process is implemented within 3 working days after the acceptance of subscriber’s application by Bakcell. Subscriber is to be informed one day prior to the process completion. Subscriber may continue using his/her current operator’s services starting from the date of submission of application until the date of implementation of the operation.

Does SIM card change in the process of MNP?

In the process of mobile number portability, subscriber’s SIM card must be changed. In order to port subscriber’s number to its network, Bakcell shall provide a subscriber with the new SIM card for free of charge.

When is it possible to change an operator?

To implement MNP operation, subscriber is to use his/her number in the network of the current operator at least within 3 months. 


When indicating the use of number in the network of the current mobile operator over a period of 3 months, it makes no difference whether it functions on the basis of unilateral (Block one way), bilateral (Block two way) or temporary (Suspended) terms.

Is MNP a chargeable service?

The MNP is free of charge service.

What tariffs and services can subscriber use after MNP implementation?

After MNP, subscriber will be able to take advantage of special services and tariffs provided by Bakcell for subscribers implementing number portability.

Will subscriber be able to transfer his/her balance remainder when porting number from one network to another?

Balance remainder and other chargeable services shall be used before number is ported to other network. Otherwise, subscriber’s balance remainder and chargeable services will be cancelled.