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    Daily packages
    Daily packs
    1.5 GB
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      1.5 GB
      Internet volume
    My hour
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      Internet volume
    350 MB
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      350 MB
      Internet volume
    To check internet pack balanceTo check internet pack balance
    To repurchase the current packageTo repurchase the current package
    To deactivate the packTo deactivate the pack
    For daily packs
    • Daily Internet packages are valid until the end of the day and automatically recur every day.
    • If your balance is insufficient to pay the daily fee, the Internet package will not be deleted, and the daily subscription fee will be deducted from the balance after the next top-up.
    • If a customer unsubscribes from any active bundles or subscribes to a different package, the remaining volume allowance in that bundle will be available until the expiration of the bundle.
    • When the internet package is consumed or expired, the mobile internet service will not be interrupted. You will continue to use the internet on a pay as you go in accordance with your tariff plan.
    • When you purchase an additional data package within the Klass tariff, the bonuses provided by the tariff will be utilized first.
    For "My hour" pack
    • The validity period of My Hour packages is 1 hour;
    • The package can be purchased only one time during a day from 1:00 AM until 7:00 PM;
    • To check the status of the package dial *570#;
    • Sharing this bundle through a Wi-Fi hotspot is not available;
    • After the allocated time is expired you can purchase internet packages or a service fee for internet will be charged from your balance according to your current tariff.
    • If a subscriber activates any internet package before the expiration of the My hour package, the subscriber will be able to use the recently activated package after the expiration of the My hour package.
    • The highest download speed on the package is 4 Mbps and the upload speed is 1 Mbps.